Wednesday, November 25

Fonts: House Industries


While I was looking for some info about the latest issue of WIRED above, about J.J. Abrams and found out about HOUSE Industries. House Industries, who is a font design firm designed the cover. The fonts are really fun and amazing. They also sell some really kewl T-shirts.

Additionally, here is a YouTube video from TED about the mystery box:[youtube=]

Sunday, November 22

Murray City "Logo Guide"

For many years (1869-2000, closed in 1931), Murray City had a dominant feature in their city, the smelter stacks (pictured, left).
The stacks became an icon for the city. As landmarks, the smelters are remembered in Murray City’s logos and trademarks.

To view the complete logo guide, download from: Murray City
Here are a few pages from the document:

I am attempting to find video of the stacks being imploded...