Tuesday, June 29

Watch Doctor Who Confidential - Episode 10

lennon.design@gmail.com wants to share this video with you:
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Doctor Who Confidential - Episode 10
In this 12-minute episode of Doctor Who Confidential, we go behind-the-scenes of "Vincent and the Doctor" with the episode's writer Richard Curtis and guest star Tony Curran (who plays Vincent Van Gogh).

Friday, June 18


I am excited and thankful for how Lennon Design has really been picking up the past while. I hope to be blessed with even more business and amazing clients in the future.

Tuesday, June 8

(Meredith Marsh) Business Card Exchange

Here is a photo from a business card exchange I recently participated in:

bizx-940, originally uploaded by Steven Trotter.

Wednesday, June 2

(Website) Startup Quote

This morning I found this awesome website called: Startup Quote

Here are some of the quotes I liked: