Tuesday, December 21

(Music Video) Teresa Flowers & Christopher Hanna

Here is a video by my friend Christopher Hanna (we went to high school together and worked together at Media Play) featuring Teresa Flowers, who I have been working with at her company Sleepictures.


Sunday, December 19

(Rolling Stones) Graphic Designer Craig Braun

Recently, I listened to a podcast (Red State Of The Union Q&As #6 - NSFW) from Director Kevin Smith (Clerks, Chasing Amy) about his new film, RED STATE. In the episode Kevin was interviewing Actor Nicholas Braun. In the episode, Nicholas talks about his father Craig Braun, a former graphic designer for the music industry, who is now an actor

It was revealed in the episode that Craig designed the iconic The Rolling Stones tongue logo. After some research I learned he design the the innovative "zipper" album cover for the Sticky Fingers release, as well.

Craig Braun

Nicholas Braun

Wednesday, October 20

(Apple) "Back To The Mac." Event

  1. Sales Numbers & Retail
  2. iLife '11: TODAY! $49
    1. iPhoto: New Features
      1. Full Screen View.
      2. Slideshow Themes.
      3. Email Themes.
      4. ... & MORE!
    2. iMovie 
      1. Audio Editing.
      2. Movie Trailer Creation.
      3. ... & MORE!
    3. Garage Band
      1. "How Did I Play?"
      2. ... & MORE!
  3. Face Time
    1. TODAY!
      1. Test: My Brother has an iPhone4 through his work and we tested it out as soon as we could. Unfortunately, the few minutes of the "call" my brother was unable to hear me.
  4. OSX Lion: Summer '11
    1. Mac App Store 
      1. WITHIN 90 DAYS!
    2. Launch Pad
    3. Full Screen Apps
    4. Mission Control
  5. One More Thing... MacBook Air: TODAY! $999+
    1. Two Sizes
UPDATE! Back To The Mac Full Video

UPDATE! Back To The Mac in 104 seconds

Stay tuned for MORE updates to this post.

Sunday, September 12

Old Friend, New Partnership

I used to work at Media Play, off and on for 5 years in the music department. Michael Reagan was the manager of the video department for the majority of the time I was there. I recently reconnected with him and met with him about we can benefit from working together.

Here is some information about his business, Social Nature Company.

At the Social Nature Company, we'll make sure that  your company never strays off the trail. We'll sit down and map out your social media goals and how best to achieve them. Here, we don't use one- size- fits-all plans.


Website / Facebook / Twitter

Michael is also part of the KSL Movie Show, each Friday morning 10:00am - Noon on KSL Newsradio 102.7 FM and 1160 AM.

Tuesday, September 7

(Education) Another Term In The Bag...

Tonight was the final class of this term for my Web Design & Animation Associate Degree.
I have one more term left!

Follow my journey here: EGC WDA

Saturday, September 4

Dollar ReDe$ign Project

I stumbled across this amazing posterous website, while dealing with my sickness (alone this weekend.

Dollar ReDe$ign Project

I love the different styles and ideas that people have came up with for this project. Very interesting.

Thursday, September 2

(Review) Apple Keynote Review

Video of the Apple Event.

  • Shuffle
    • Updates that should have happened last time. 
      • Voice Over, Playlists...
    • Nice to see it as a square again.
      • The thing was way too small last time...
    • Excellent price! 
      • $49.99
    • Final Thoughts: 
      • Backpedaling...
  • Nano:
    • A Clip:
      • Interesting?
    • Touch Screen:
      • Didn't like the idea at first, but it growing on me.
      • Like the Audio Notes feature.
    • Final Thoughts: 
      • What will happen to the Nano next...
  • Classic: Not even mentioned... If it ain't broke don't fix it.
  • Touch:
      • About time!
    • Retina Display
      • Beautiful!
    • Final Thoughts: 
      • Late but wonderful!
  • iTunes 10:
    • Interface: 
      • Love the streamlining. Album Art instead of the album listed 1,000x.
    • Ping: 
      • Excellent idea, rolling out slower than I was expecting...
    • Logo:
      • Being a graphic designer, I can't not mention the update of the logo.
        • I LOVE IT!
    • Final Thoughts:
      • All improvements to iTunes are welcome!
  • AppleTV:
    • NetFlix
      • Nice!
    • Rentals: 
      • Movies: $4.99 ...Too High!
      • TV: $0.99! ...NICE! 
    • Size: 
      • Nice!
    • Final Thoughts:
      • I was expecting Apps, Game Center, etc...
      • Not overly disappointed...

Saturday, August 14

(Event) Craft Lake City

Tonight,  we attended SLUG Magazine's 2nd Annual Craft Lake City!!!

Sleepictures (who I intern for) had a booth, who we visited immediately.

Here are other booths we enjoyed!

Art Duh (Todd Powelson, Anna West) artduh.com
Big Fun (Ryan Perkins) bigfunslc.etsy.com
Blonde Grizzly blondegrizzly.com
Candace Jean candacejean.com
CrowSmack crowsmack.com
GrimmLeighs (Leigh George Kade, Rachel Arent Kade) grimmleighs.com
Kat's Art katsmurals.com
NiftySwank (Clairice Gifford) niftyswank.etsy.com
Signed & Numbered (Leia Bell) signed-numbered.com
Smart & Wiley smartandwiley.com
Spell It Out siodesigns.com
Sycamore Street Press sycamorestreetpress.com
Trent Call swinj.com

Stay Tuned for a few updates!!!

Sunday, July 18

(Podcast) Artie's Alt Nation Featuring Zack Shutt

Artie Fufkin & Zack Shutt, both formerly of x96, have joined forced to bring you a podcast about alternative music.

Below is the artwork I created for them.

Here are links to follow them:
Website / Facebook / Twitter

Tuesday, June 29

Watch Doctor Who Confidential - Episode 10

lennon.design@gmail.com wants to share this video with you:
Personal Message
Doctor Who Confidential - Episode 10
In this 12-minute episode of Doctor Who Confidential, we go behind-the-scenes of "Vincent and the Doctor" with the episode's writer Richard Curtis and guest star Tony Curran (who plays Vincent Van Gogh).

Friday, June 18


I am excited and thankful for how Lennon Design has really been picking up the past while. I hope to be blessed with even more business and amazing clients in the future.

Tuesday, June 8

(Meredith Marsh) Business Card Exchange

Here is a photo from a business card exchange I recently participated in:

bizx-940, originally uploaded by Steven Trotter.

Wednesday, June 2

(Website) Startup Quote

This morning I found this awesome website called: Startup Quote

Here are some of the quotes I liked:

Saturday, May 22

(Pop Culture) Nirvana Baby

Nirvana Baby, Spencer Elden from Barry O Donnell on Vimeo.


Shot for Obey Clothing: http://obeyclothing.com/#/video/spencer/

An interview with Spencer Elden, the baby from the cover of Nirvana's "Nevermind" album. We caught up with the 19 year old artist currently working with Shepard Fairey at Obey.


Music by Ernest Gonzales "Opening A Lost Sacred Door" www.fofmusic.net

Shot on a Canon 7d

Friday, May 21

(News Story) HIT Web Design

I have applied at HIT Web Design a couple times over the past year, dodged another bullet didn't I?
Customer Service is NEVER an option, it's a requirement.

Video Courtesy of KSL.com

Thursday, May 20

(Olympics) 2012 Mascots


iris unveils Olympic and Paralympic mascot on The BBC One Show from irisworldwide on Vimeo.

Eighteen months ago the team here at iris pitched against some world-class competition in the advertising industry, as well as some leaders in character design, to win the brief to create the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic mascots.

Tonight (19th May 2010), Grant Hunter, the creative director of our London office, unveiled the mascots on the BBC’s The One Show in an interview with Claire Balding.

Monday, April 26

(Home Show) Artwork, Sculpture & More...

Yesterday, we attended the 34th Annual Home Remodeling & Home Decorating Show at the South Town Expo Center in Sandy, Utah.

Here are a couple of artists that had booths at the show that were worth mentioning:


Forked Up Art:

Friday, April 16

(Conference) UVU Entreneurial Business Conference

Today, I am attended this conference at Utah Valley University.

Keynote Speaker: Governor Gary Herbert

Workshop 1: "Boom Start: Super Laws Of Successful Entrepreneurs"
Michael Swenson, Marketing Professor - Brigham Young University
Link: Book

Workshop 2: Finding Customers Through Effective Markerting"
Jill Grammer-Williams, President - American Name Services

Break For Lunch. Blah...

Workshop 3: "Davey Used Innovation, Goliath is Dead"
Bill Aho, Partner - SagePoint Consulting

Workshop 4: "Prospering Through Website Design & Video Marketing"
Chris Dortch, Co-Founder - Marketing Dust
Noah Sunday, Co-Founder - Marketing Dust

Notes Coming Soon...

Refreshments. Longboards Ice Cream.

Vender Links:
Alexander's Print Advantage
HMHO Attorneys & Counselors At Law
Mountain America Credit Union


Friday, April 2

(Brand) Blendtech CEO Tom Dickson

On my way home from school last night,  I stopped inside the Riverton McDonald's to grab some dinner. Generally I don't go in to get my food at this time of the day (8:00pm), but i decide to for some strange reason. I am so glad I did. Tom Dickson of Blendtec was there with his wife and grandchildren. Tom is most noted for his "Will It Blend?" YouTube Channel

Before last night, I did have a connection to Blendtec. Years ago I worked for Zuka Juice (founded by my good friend Dave Duffin and where I met my wife) where we used his blenders to blend our drinks.

Tom was gracious enough to give me his card to keep in touch.


Blending an iPad!!!

Wednesday, March 31

(Repartee Gallery) Liz Lemon Swindle

Last summer, while job hunting I applied and interviewed for a position as a graphic designer with Repartee Gallery. Part of the process was to create calender pages using paintings from Liz Lemon Swindle.

Saturday, March 27


I recently worked with Jon Hanks to bring his calendar into fruition. He contacted me through my ad on KSL.com.

Here is a list on cars (owners) included in the calendar:
1923 Aluminum Roadster (Brian Evans)
1923 Model T Truck (Rustin Gough)
1928 Essex Coupe (Chris Jensen)
1929 Model A Tub (Chris Kiernan)
1930 Model A Coupe (Mayor Chad Bangerter)
1930 Model A Coupe (Brandon Moulton)
1931 Model A Coupe (Mikey Lyhnakis)
1936 Chevrolet Truck (Nick LeBlanc)
1938 GMC Truck (Dave Evans)
1943 Chevrolet Truck (Jon Hanks)
1947 International Truck (Lloyd Thorton)
1949 Hudson Hornet (Lloyd Thorton)

They will be selling the calendar through car show and their website:
ratrodcalendar.com (...coming soon)

Stay tuned for the 2011 Calendar.

Friday, March 26

LennonDesign.com 2.0 coming soon...

 I am currently working on a complete overhaul of the Lennon Design website.

I've been getting new web skills at school and i will be showing them of here shortly....

Stay tuned...

Friday, March 5

(Brand) Johnny Cupcakes

In researching for one of my recent clients (Cheat Day), I found a cupcake company called: Johnny Cupcakes. They have 3 stores, but there logo is nearly everywhere and from the look of their online store, they have merchandised onto everything. Amazing!!!

Other sites I found during my research:

Wednesday, March 3

New Client! Comments

Cheat Day:
Tina gushes about Lennon Design on her family blog...

Cooper Eye Care:
Jared provided this comment to post on our website...

"Previously, I paid a well known online company claiming to be “the premium logo design company” to aid me with my company’s identity. My instructions were very specific about what I wanted for the logo, I even provided a sample the I mirrored what I wanted for the design. In return, they provided 6 designs done by different artists. At that point, I was told I had unlimited revisions. The problem was, none of the designs even slightly resembled my instructions or sample. A true novice could have designed the logos they provided. During the unlimited revisions, they continuously ignored every suggestion I provided. In fact, many times they went the complete opposite direction. About a month later, I decided to cut my losses and find someone who could do the job right. That person was Dylan Mazziotti.

I had the fortunate privilege in retaining Dylan Mazziotti to design a logo for my eye care practice. He was great. He looked at my example, read my directions, asked questions and got to work. A day later, I received the first draft. Dylan captured exactly what I wanted him to do.

Being a bit of a perfectionist, I asked for several revisions, even though the logo was already nearly perfect. Dylan was very kind and professional. He continued to work on the logo until it felt just right. In todays’s economy it is important to set yourself apart from the competition. Dylan’s graphic design skills are exactly what you need to make your logo designs, website, etc... exemplify the professionalism you have worked so hard to gain."

Monday, March 1

New Clients & Updates!!!


I've been a little busier than usual lately...

New Clients:

Saturday, February 13

(Review) ART & COPY

Last night at the Salt Lake Art Center, I saw a screening of the film "ART & COPY" and it was great.

"Art & Copy is a powerful new film about advertising and inspiration. Directed by Doug Pray, it reveals the work and wisdom of some of the most influential advertising creatives of our time - people who profoundly impact our culture, yet are virtually unknown outside their industry."

Various experts discussed how some of the most ads, tag lines, etc. came together. I highly recommend it.

Apple: "1984"

Got Milk?: Aaron Burr