Wednesday, December 16

Client Comment: Richard T. Steadman

"The design work that Lennon Design did for me was perfect. He listened to what the wants and needs of my company were and then created a logo that portrayed them."
Richard T. Steadman aka "Richie T" - X96's Radio From Hell, Producer

Friday, December 11

Client Comments

“Dylan drew an awesome picture of Jorge Garcia that he had donated to our podcast network to give away as a door prize for a special meet up that was held back in 2007. The picture was great and I know that the recipient was quite pleased. THANKS DYLAN!” 
Cliff Ravenscraft – Podcast Answer Man

“In 2003, I hired Dylan Mazziotti to draft several art sketches to help facilitate in the production of our documentary film A Secret War Story. I found Dylan to be an impressive and competent illustrator and with a quality of work that was complete and delivered on time.”
Leo Loving – Writer/Producer

“I met Dylan back in high school, and he is still one of the most talented artists and designers I’ve known. Back when others were working on basic form and composition, he created these illustrated manila folders that were just amazing. Today, he’s turned that talent into a great portfolio and I look forward to working with him on new product designs and ideas for Detachment 3.”
Joe Grisso – Detachment 3 Enterprises

Wednesday, December 9

My Suite Stuff

I can't wait to have my own office with a love seat to throw these amazing pillows onto!!! If anyone out there wants to buy me a gift...

My Suite Stuff brings your favorite app collection close to heart. Press 'em, fling 'em, or even hug them. These 12"x12" stuffed icons are 100% hand-made from the softest, fluffiest fleece there is.

Sunday, December 6

Sugar House Coffee: Holiday Art Open House

Now through January 20th, I will have my artwork featured on the walls of Sugar House Coffee in Sugar House,Utah. Please come and check it out!!

Tonight was the open house for the Holiday Art Open House. 

If you would like to see more of my drawing, go to my flickr account here: link


View (NothingLeft) On Display in a larger map

Friday, December 4

(Sleepictures) The Beehive Bazaar.

This evening I assisted Teresa Flowers of Sleepictures set up her booth at the Beehive Bazaar. It takes place at the Women's Center in Provo, Utah. The building was packed with booths with every kind of craft imaginable.

Here are some stand-outs:
Candace Jean Dot Com

Can You Hear Me 

Coco Salorie 

Freshly Picked

Frosty Darling 

Nifty Kidstuff
Paper's Edge
White Elephant Collective


Wednesday, November 25

Fonts: House Industries


While I was looking for some info about the latest issue of WIRED above, about J.J. Abrams and found out about HOUSE Industries. House Industries, who is a font design firm designed the cover. The fonts are really fun and amazing. They also sell some really kewl T-shirts.

Additionally, here is a YouTube video from TED about the mystery box:[youtube=]

Sunday, November 22

Murray City "Logo Guide"

For many years (1869-2000, closed in 1931), Murray City had a dominant feature in their city, the smelter stacks (pictured, left).
The stacks became an icon for the city. As landmarks, the smelters are remembered in Murray City’s logos and trademarks.

To view the complete logo guide, download from: Murray City
Here are a few pages from the document:

I am attempting to find video of the stacks being imploded...