Monday, April 26

(Home Show) Artwork, Sculpture & More...

Yesterday, we attended the 34th Annual Home Remodeling & Home Decorating Show at the South Town Expo Center in Sandy, Utah.

Here are a couple of artists that had booths at the show that were worth mentioning:


Forked Up Art:

Friday, April 16

(Conference) UVU Entreneurial Business Conference

Today, I am attended this conference at Utah Valley University.

Keynote Speaker: Governor Gary Herbert

Workshop 1: "Boom Start: Super Laws Of Successful Entrepreneurs"
Michael Swenson, Marketing Professor - Brigham Young University
Link: Book

Workshop 2: Finding Customers Through Effective Markerting"
Jill Grammer-Williams, President - American Name Services

Break For Lunch. Blah...

Workshop 3: "Davey Used Innovation, Goliath is Dead"
Bill Aho, Partner - SagePoint Consulting

Workshop 4: "Prospering Through Website Design & Video Marketing"
Chris Dortch, Co-Founder - Marketing Dust
Noah Sunday, Co-Founder - Marketing Dust

Notes Coming Soon...

Refreshments. Longboards Ice Cream.

Vender Links:
Alexander's Print Advantage
HMHO Attorneys & Counselors At Law
Mountain America Credit Union


Friday, April 2

(Brand) Blendtech CEO Tom Dickson

On my way home from school last night,  I stopped inside the Riverton McDonald's to grab some dinner. Generally I don't go in to get my food at this time of the day (8:00pm), but i decide to for some strange reason. I am so glad I did. Tom Dickson of Blendtec was there with his wife and grandchildren. Tom is most noted for his "Will It Blend?" YouTube Channel

Before last night, I did have a connection to Blendtec. Years ago I worked for Zuka Juice (founded by my good friend Dave Duffin and where I met my wife) where we used his blenders to blend our drinks.

Tom was gracious enough to give me his card to keep in touch.


Blending an iPad!!!