Friday, December 11

Client Comments

“Dylan drew an awesome picture of Jorge Garcia that he had donated to our podcast network to give away as a door prize for a special meet up that was held back in 2007. The picture was great and I know that the recipient was quite pleased. THANKS DYLAN!” 
Cliff Ravenscraft – Podcast Answer Man

“In 2003, I hired Dylan Mazziotti to draft several art sketches to help facilitate in the production of our documentary film A Secret War Story. I found Dylan to be an impressive and competent illustrator and with a quality of work that was complete and delivered on time.”
Leo Loving – Writer/Producer

“I met Dylan back in high school, and he is still one of the most talented artists and designers I’ve known. Back when others were working on basic form and composition, he created these illustrated manila folders that were just amazing. Today, he’s turned that talent into a great portfolio and I look forward to working with him on new product designs and ideas for Detachment 3.”
Joe Grisso – Detachment 3 Enterprises

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