Wednesday, March 3

New Client! Comments

Cheat Day:
Tina gushes about Lennon Design on her family blog...

Cooper Eye Care:
Jared provided this comment to post on our website...

"Previously, I paid a well known online company claiming to be “the premium logo design company” to aid me with my company’s identity. My instructions were very specific about what I wanted for the logo, I even provided a sample the I mirrored what I wanted for the design. In return, they provided 6 designs done by different artists. At that point, I was told I had unlimited revisions. The problem was, none of the designs even slightly resembled my instructions or sample. A true novice could have designed the logos they provided. During the unlimited revisions, they continuously ignored every suggestion I provided. In fact, many times they went the complete opposite direction. About a month later, I decided to cut my losses and find someone who could do the job right. That person was Dylan Mazziotti.

I had the fortunate privilege in retaining Dylan Mazziotti to design a logo for my eye care practice. He was great. He looked at my example, read my directions, asked questions and got to work. A day later, I received the first draft. Dylan captured exactly what I wanted him to do.

Being a bit of a perfectionist, I asked for several revisions, even though the logo was already nearly perfect. Dylan was very kind and professional. He continued to work on the logo until it felt just right. In todays’s economy it is important to set yourself apart from the competition. Dylan’s graphic design skills are exactly what you need to make your logo designs, website, etc... exemplify the professionalism you have worked so hard to gain."

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