Sunday, December 19

(Rolling Stones) Graphic Designer Craig Braun

Recently, I listened to a podcast (Red State Of The Union Q&As #6 - NSFW) from Director Kevin Smith (Clerks, Chasing Amy) about his new film, RED STATE. In the episode Kevin was interviewing Actor Nicholas Braun. In the episode, Nicholas talks about his father Craig Braun, a former graphic designer for the music industry, who is now an actor

It was revealed in the episode that Craig designed the iconic The Rolling Stones tongue logo. After some research I learned he design the the innovative "zipper" album cover for the Sticky Fingers release, as well.

Craig Braun

Nicholas Braun

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  1. Craig Braun is giving his son a bad name by lying to him regarding being the designer of the iconic Rolling Stone's Licks.
    Craig Braun did not design that logo.