Saturday, March 27


I recently worked with Jon Hanks to bring his calendar into fruition. He contacted me through my ad on

Here is a list on cars (owners) included in the calendar:
1923 Aluminum Roadster (Brian Evans)
1923 Model T Truck (Rustin Gough)
1928 Essex Coupe (Chris Jensen)
1929 Model A Tub (Chris Kiernan)
1930 Model A Coupe (Mayor Chad Bangerter)
1930 Model A Coupe (Brandon Moulton)
1931 Model A Coupe (Mikey Lyhnakis)
1936 Chevrolet Truck (Nick LeBlanc)
1938 GMC Truck (Dave Evans)
1943 Chevrolet Truck (Jon Hanks)
1947 International Truck (Lloyd Thorton)
1949 Hudson Hornet (Lloyd Thorton)

They will be selling the calendar through car show and their website: (...coming soon)

Stay tuned for the 2011 Calendar.

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